What can Girl Scout Cookies teach us during a pandemic?

Using technology (cheaply) to easily interact with people on their terms (during a pandemic)

More than 200 million packages of Girl Scout Cookies are sold each year in the United States to raise funds that support Girl Scout councils and individual troops. It is a cultural phenomenon that takes over for about 6 weeks of each year. You can read more about it here.

However, during a global pandemic, Sales of Cookies have been significantly altered (like everything else) by Covid-19 restrictions. Selling door to door or standing outside a grocery store selling cookies just isn’t happening. So how can young girl scouts sell their cookies?

Thankfully the Girl Scouts have been online for many years, so the key challenge has been telling friends and family while complying with the rules for selling them online.

QR Codes

It turns out that a very low-tech approach implemented by my 10-year-old daughter generated $200+ of cookie sales. All it took was some yard signs and a large QR code attached to it.

We found this article by Monika Adarsh very helpful in deciding on which QR code generator to use and had this working in about 30 minutes.

What are the lessons for businesses to learn?

Implementing digital solutions can be very low tech and low cost.


What simple and low-cost technologies does your business use that add value and could be implemented quickly like this?